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Artec HT-CH,Chorus+4 Band EQ
Artec HT-CH,Chorus+4 Band EQ
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Artec HT-CH,Chorus+4 Band EQ

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What is the Chorus Effect?

Chorus effect is created by the time delay device and frequency modulator.BBD(Bucket Brigade Device) can delay the signal and 'Rate' and 'Depth' knobs can modurate chorus effect.Using chorus effect could creat the vibration effect as well as 12 string effect.'Rate' knob is the speed controller that modulate the time delay.'Depth' knob modulates the requency width.

HT-CH is a 4 band Equalizer (Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence) with Chorus effect onboard with 'Depth' and 'Rate' controllers. It enables you to create your guitar sounds sweeten and widen.
Once you turn the Chorus switch on, you will experience a totally different acoustic atmosphere from any other equalizer system could provide.
Rich, Sweet and Melrose sound...
Control the 'DEPTH' and 'RATE' knobs together to establish an exquisite piece of guitar sounds for your performance.



Nominal input level:-20 dBV
Frequency Response:20 Hz - 20 kHz
Input Impedance:10 Mohm
Output Impedance:10 Mohm
Power Supply:9 V Battery or 48 V Phantom Power
Bass control range: 12 dB 80 Hz
Middle control range:12 dB 800Hz
Treble control range:12 dB 3k Hz
Presence control range: 12 dB 15 kHz
Low Battery:Low  Battery check at 4.0 V
Current Drain (w / Chorus on):1.8 mA
Input Jack: 2.5 mm Mono Jack
Unbalanced Output Jack:1/4" Phone Jack with power sw.
Balanced Output Jack:XLR jack with power switch

To enable the Phantom Power feature, a circut board which is mounted , includes a standard 1/4" input jack and XLR jack. This provides for easy installation on the lower bout of your guitar.. This also gives you the option of using a XLR or 1/4" input jack.


1pcs of Balanced XLR jack.
1pcs of piezo pickup artec PP607(Length:70mm,Width:2.5mm)

Note:Battery is not inclued because forwarder do not ship battery.

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