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Artec HT-G,Professional 6 Band Graphic EQ

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HT-G is a Professional 6 band Graphic Equalizer for professional users. It is a powerful tool to characterize and enrich your guitar sounds.
HT-G is composed of a bank of 6 bands pass filters, each with a fixed center frequency (from 100 Hz up to 3.2 kHz) and a variable gain.
The position of the slider resembles the frequency response of the filters bank: moving the slider up you boost a selected band, moving it down you cut it.Each band slider enables you to add up to 10 dB of boost or cut at any of 6 bands frequencies.



- Low battery check LED

- Phantom power LED

- Phase reverse switch

- Band 1 Controls

           :±10 dB 100 Hz
- Band 2 Controls

          :±10 dB 200 Hz
- Band 3 Controls:
         :±10 dB 400 Hz
- Band 4 Controls:
         :±10 dB 800 Hz
- Band 5 Controls:
         :±10 dB 1.6kHz
- Band 6 Controls:
         :±10 dB 3.2kHz

To enable the Phantom Power feature, a circut board which is mounted , includes a standard 1/4" input jack and XLR jack. This provides for easy installation on the lower bout of your guitar.. This also gives you the option of using a XLR or 1/4" input jack.


1pcs of Balanced XLR jack.
1pcs of piezo pickup artec PP607(Length:70mm,Width:2.5mm)

Note:Battery is not inclued because forwarder do not ship battery.

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