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Eric Custom NATURAL-15ZB, Neck/Bridge,Zebra Humbucker Pickup (Alnico5 Bar)
Part Number PU-21115
Eric Custom NATURAL-15ZB, Neck/Bridge,Zebra Humbucker Pickup (Alnico5 Bar)
Eric Custom NATURAL-15ZB, Neck/Bridge,Zebra Humbucker Pickup (Alnico5 Bar)
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Eric Custom NATURAL-15ZB, Neck/Bridge,Zebra Humbucker Pickup (Alnico5 Bar)

Price is for 2pcs of pickups(neck and bridge).



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GREAT pickups - what a surpise
  To start I have to mention that I have been a sworn Seymour Duncan user for more than a decade. I have SD pickups in about 15 guitars (JB, Pearly gates, Alnico II pro’s, Jass, 59 P-rails, Customs, Slash set to name a few). Now what a surprice this purchase was. I was totally blown away by these pickups. I never expected that. These are definitely vintage voiced but with extra added punch and a lot of twang for a humbucker. They are also very clear and transparent. Very unique sounding as well. They have very pronounced highs with punchy midrange and relaxed lows. The closest comparison I can give is Seymour Duncan 59 with added midrange and relaxed lows. I love them. Clean they are fantastic, distorted they raw. I put them in PRS SE with a tremolo and the guitar was re-born – clear ringy cleans with never heard before twang – so musical. Distorted it reminds me a bit of SD Pearly Gates- bright but with some rudeness. Great job with this product. My first off-shore pickups were the Dragonfires vintage buckers – muddy and uninspiring. My second pair was Entwistle HV58 –better but still muddy overall not happy with both. Later I bought the first off-shore GREAT pickups – Giovanni GVH-1, which are a fantastic PAF reproduction. Now I discovered these Eric Customs that perfectly compliment the Giovanni’s for half the price. The build quality is great – solidly build with the right materials. I will not recommend them for modern metal, but for everything else that are great. For modern metal check the Eric Custom neodymium's they nailed that sound as well. Thanks EY again for a great product fast shipping and excellent service!
  Reviewed by:  Svetoslav Bratovanov from Canada. on 12/10/2014
top micros
  super son , brillant ,gras et claquant sur chacune des cordes ,un tranchant incroyable , clair et pur comme le cristal .....la claque ! c"est micros casse la baraque , et le tout sans froideur , chaudement recommander
  Reviewed by:  randoing from Bellerive-sur-Allier. on 3/25/2020
Holy cow!
  These are incredible. Very very clear, transparent tones. Even with overdrive, it still sounds very articulate. My Epi sounds like a Gibby now!
  Reviewed by:  Stratatattat from USA. on 4/6/2015
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