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Potentiometer Shaft Sleeves,Covert 6mm Shaft to 1/4"(6.35mm),Brass material

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Potentiometer Shaft Sleeves,Covert 6mm Shaft to 1/4"(6.35),Brass material

Covert 6mm solid shaft or split shaft Potentiometer to 1/4" solid shaft.
1)Fits Metric 18 spline(most Metric Potentiometer) or Inch 24 spline(CTS,Fender,Gibson Inch Potentiometer)
2)Fits 6mm solid shaft Potentiometer(most Metric solid Potentiometer)


How it works?
After you install this sleeves on the 6mm shaft potentiometer,then put the 1/4" shaft knobs,by tightening knob's side screws,it will press this brass sleeves tightly attached to the 6mm shaft potentiometer.Why can it been attached to the 6mm shaft?These brass sleeves are thin,the knob's screw will make this sleeves to have a recessed dot changed a little to been attached to the 6mm shaft.

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