Wilkinson MWVS single-coil Strat Set classic staggered polepiece White,Black or Ivory Color,Ceramic

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Wilkinson MWVS single-coil Strat Set White color or Black Color

Available color: White or Black or Ivory(pls choose the color in the above)

Pole Spacing: neck50 mm / middle50 mm / bridge52mm

This is the Ceramic

MWVS:classic staggered polepiece "vintage voiced" single coil pickup

MWVS: are available in neck, middle and bridge versions.

When used as a set the pickups are calibrated with the bridge pickup slightly over would to compensate for the lesser movement of a string as it gets nearer the bridge.

Less movement mean less voltage created by the pickup and a noticeable drop in volume when you switch to your bridge pickup.Quite disappointing when it is time for the "big solo".

All single coil middle pickups are reverse wound / reverse polarity,so when used as a set the neck / middle, middle / bridge combination will give you a humcancelling feature when both pickups are selected.

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