Kit,Allen Hex Key Socket Wrench,for Mounting Guitar Nut

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Kit,Allen Hex Key Socket Wrench,for Mounting Guitar Nut

This kit tool is used for control pots,jack sockets,machine head nuts,mini toggle switches nut screwing.

This kit tool including:

---8mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,1/2inch socket wrenches.
---1pcs of slide pole
---1pcs of the lead screw pole in the black plastic hand shank

8mm---for the mini toggle switches

10mm---for most of the tuing machine head bushings,and the small pots.

11mm---for most of the metric size full size pots.

12mm---for most of metric output jack socket

1/2"---for CTS,Gibson,Fender pots,and also American inch size jack socket

So,if you have this kit tool,you can easily finish a lot of guitar luthier work.

Pls refer to the following photos for their use:

You can use this short slider pole to install on the stocket wrenches.

You also can use the lead screw pole to install on the socket wrenches.

Meanwhile this three ones can been installed together to save the strength if necessary.

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