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White Strat Pickup Cover,Knobs,Switch / Tremolo Arm Tips,50mm or 52mm Pickup String Spread

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Pickup Cover String Thread
5pcs of Knob,Volume Tone Knobs,Switch Knob,Tremolo Arm Knob
No Need (-US$3.50)

White Strat Pickup Cover,Knobs,Switch /  Tremolo Arm Tips,50mm or 52mm Pickup String Spread,#492

Volume/Tone Knobs:Like Fender,there is no thread in the knob potentiometer hole,and it will fit knurling Fender CTS,and Metric Alpha size potentiometers.

Switch tip:There are 2 slots,it will fit Fender,CRL switches,and some of Metric size switches.

Tremolo arm tip:It is 5.2mm diameter,and maybe some tremolo arm is 5mm,so maybe you need to put some tape around the tremolo arm.

Pickup Covers:3Pcs Strat Stratocaster Single Coil Pickup Cover,there are 2 different stratocaster pickups,one string spread is 50mm,and the other one is 52mm,so we make this option for your choose.

Opitions for pickup covers for the different pickup postions:

(A):neck pickup(50mm)+middle pickup(50mm)+bridge pickup(52mm)
(B):neck pickup(50mm)+middle pickup(52mm)+bridge pickup(52mm)
:neck pickup(52mm)+middle pickup(52mm)+bridge pickup(52mm)
(D):neck pickup(50mm)+middle pickup(50mm)+bridge pickup(50mm)

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